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My Sandisk Ultra II (x66) died after only 30 days.

I emailed Sandisk USA but so far no response from them.

The card was purchased from Buy.com and was only 30 days old. :sad:

I can not even reformat it in the camera. The card is completely dead and wont work either in flash card reader (from computer) or in the camera. :shock:

What a disappointment.

I hope they will replace it. If not, I am staying with Kingston cards from now on....
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Old Mar 10, 2006, 2:12 PM   #2
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Hi kdjoergensen

i dont know how long flash cards are supposed to live but i had a 1 GB hispeed Sandisk CF that died on me for no reason when i plugged it in a card reader whilst on holiday ; i lost a sh**load of stuff and wonder why they seem to be so unreliable...

Same simptoms as you, tried it in a cam, pda and reader = nothing.A strange thing though was that when it was plugged in the pda, just a very slight hit with the stylus on the body of the pda would turn it on or off, as if the power connector was defective/ultra sensible yet when i pulled the card out and tried with another one and without cards i couldnt get any sensibility of the power button anywhere except by pushing the button normally... :?

I think there might be a lot of false sandisks on the market ; i've seen false ones from china and there's no sign of any counterfeiting ; anyone can mistake them for true ones.
Otherwise sandisk sucks. :G

It almost seems microdrives might be sturdier?????That'd be ridiculous....
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Unless you have bought a Sandisk fake, Sandisk will certainly replace your card. You should contact their customer support first. Good american companies have an unconditional customer satisfaction principle and Sandisk is one of these companies. I burnt already two Sandisk CF cards in my digicam career. The last time - about two month ago - my dead 256 MB Ultra II was even replaced by a new 512 MB Ultra II. I only buy Sandisk memory cards.
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