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not my problem but told this person Id see if I could find out the problem.


"ok, so i have a Lumix (Panasonic DMC-LZ2) and i have just recently bought a kodak sd memory card and just the other day i went to take pictures and it said: memory card error format this card? yes no. i hit no and it asked again so i hit yes and then it went back to normal for a few minutes and then i tried to take a picture and it came back. what do i do. i had a lot of pictures on the card but it keeps saying to format it and i keep hitting yes and no and nothing happens. i cant even go to the menu. WHAT DO I DO!?"
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Doesn't he have separate card reader to check card in computer?
Or even other camera would help, but sound much like broken card.

And if he has pics on card tell him to stop using it in camera and trying to take new pics, while errors for example in file system wouldn't destroy data overwriting does that.

I recommend checking it in PC with USB card reader and using for example this program:

If that doesn't help... it's time to return card if its under warranty, I don't know about Kodak (card itself isn't made by them in any case) but Lexar offered possibility of data recovery when their card "halved" its capacity.
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is the card in good shape , is it damaged at all ? that could play a big roll in why its saying error , also when you put it in the card reader does it work okay ? are you able to locate all your pictures ?
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