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Hi ,

I am using a Fujifilm E550 and I recently decided to shoot only in RAW mode.
Because of that I bought a Fujifilm 1Gb XD-Card typ "M".
Doing some test to it , it comes out that the Typ "M" is 40% slower than my 512Mb NON Typ"M" card, when saving in RAW. (It takes 8 Sec. on Typ "M" against 5 Sec. in not Typ"M").
I also think that there is some (very little) diffrence in the colours. Is it possible ?
I am almost sure this has only to do with my unapropriated test conditions.
Well, I read somewhere in WWW that the Typ "M" cards are phisically 512Mb but they have a in Card compression that makes them 1Gb.
Can anyone tell me which kind of compression it is ? Is it a JPEG like one. If so then it could be possible that colors are affected.
But I switched to RAW just to get rid of the JPEG thing.
ThankĀ“s for your comments on this.

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xD cards are rediculously slow memory devices and even the new type "H" cards are only minimally faster than the "M" types. No matter which one you use it won't affect the image quality or color. I don't believe there is any kind of in-card compression going on in xD cards.

I really wish Fuji and Olympus would get out of the memory business as they do it so very badly ... SD cards are cheap. plentiful and very fast - now if we can only get Fuji and Olympus to use them
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Thank you for the reply.
I also can not imagine that there is any compression in-card.
But on the other side I am wondering why there is a 40% speed difference between the cards. Well, compression could be the explanation.
Any way, in the lack of exact information, I will give back the card a get a 512Mb, no Typ M, for to be sure.
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I have 2 type M Xd Picture Cards - a new Fujifilm 1gb and an Olympus 256mb. In my Fuji S5200, the Olympus card seems to run about 20 to 25% faster. Go figure.
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