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We are purchasing a Canon Power Shot S3 IS. After we ordered the camera online the seller called and tried to get us to order a Secure Digital 64mb "Error Free" High Speed Memory Card for $99. We weren't sure what we needed so we declined to order one at the time. We have several questions.

1. Is the "Error Free" any special kind of card, or is it just a name Secure Digital uses for it's high speed cards? Are they better then ordinary high speed cards?

2. Do we need a high speed card? The seller said make sure to buy a high speed card. I have seen several different posts on this. We plan on using the camera for the usual -vacations, family events, and birding and other animal pix where we need the zoom capabilities. When does the "high speed" turn out to be a benefit?

3. Finally what size card to buy. The camera is a 6 megapixel camera. We probably won't take more than150 pictures at a time (one trip). We don't want to overbuy, but don't want to be disappointed when we run out of memory on a trip or take forever to transfer our photos to our computer. We found the following in just a preliminary search on the internet.

Amazon.com has a BigPrint - 1 GB Secure Disk Memory Card for $79. It also has a BigPrint - 1 GB High-Speed Secure Disk Memory Card for $119.

Your input and responses will be greatly appreciated.

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1. marketing hype. Any errors on a card, return/exchange it.

2. hi-speed is very handy for high-res video and continuous shooting. Other than that, not much of a difference in everyday use on today's cameras.

3. The 64 mb card he is trying to sell you for $99 is a ripoff. Don't buy it. Don't even think of getting anything new less than 512 mb these days if you're getting a 6 mp camera.

On the S3, 1 gig would probably hold around 300 pics at it's highest settings.

I don't know who manufactures "Big Print", but I would recommend you go with a proven name (SanDisk, Lexar, Transcend, Ritek, etc... there are plenty) just for warranty alone. Those prices quoted for the "bigprint" cards seem a tad high for those sizes.

I'd also consider a different vendor at this point. Any vendor that contacts you to "upsell" crappy memory like that 64 megs isn't looking out for your best interest...

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I agree with SMP Homers comments.

I recently purchased an S2 IS. To get me started with the camera, I got a 512 MB PNY SD card from my local Staples for $20 after rebate, and also had a $15 off coupon soI got it for $5! I also got a SanDisk Ultra II 2 GB card from Amazon for $71 after rebate. The Ultra II is a higher speed card that is better for continuous shooting modes and video (since it writes quicker than standard cards). I also saw the SanDisk Ultra II 1 GB at Dell for $47. There are a few cheaper ones out there, but I wasmore comfortablespending a few extradollars on "name brands".
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That shop is fraud, hopefully you haven't paid anything yet.

Comparing to 5MP S2 file sizes I would keep 3MB as rule of thumb for good quality JPEG size so multiply that with how many shots you would take at once and then add considerable extra to top of that, "digital film" is cheap so it's better to take many shots to increase chances for real good shots.

SMP_Homer wrote:
3. The 64 mb card he is trying to sell you for $99 is a ripoff.
For that size card more closer to true price would be 0.99!
You should get 1GB cards for half of that price.
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