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Actually you don't want any PIO modes, it's good for collecting status and drive infos, but DMA is what you want (or is it Ultra-DMA? but not yet supported by the CF association). At least it save the address cycles hence speeding up the accesses :lol:

PCI is may be 33MHz (or 66MHz), but it's also capable of 32-bit DMA hence that's a lot of Megabytes! Here's a perfect good example of good specs made bad by a poor controller design... (hint some CF flashes). I saw two propritary ASICs in the Addonics IDE Ultra Digidrive and I'll bet if the files were smaller, I'll get the 16MB/s advertised speed

Hey but you can boot from it, so let's toss that floppy :lol: :lol: :lol:
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I didn't think that device supported DMA, but that would be the fastest way to get data of the device... hum (quick look at the specs.) That must have been something else, I don't seen any mention of PIO or DMA support (if any.) I've read about too many devices.

Looking at the specs again, I see:
BIOS supports for ATAPI ZIP100 device for boot function

So that might account for why it came up as a zip drive to your BIOS.
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yes ,I think so. As the capacity is more bigger, the compact flash will instead of harddisk for many convenience. Besides, I find one professional facturer in China providing all kinds of IDE TO CF ADAPTER . You can logo on website: www.sintech.cn to find them .
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