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Last weekend I went to Niagara falls with friends. It was a real fun and the same has became pitiful when my fz7 camera suddenly started showing "memory card error" now when I turn on my camera it will not allow me to anything even formatting of the card also not possible.

Later I used one 32 MB spare card and took some photographs hence there is no problem with camera.
The same SD card is not working in my camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ7) at all. But when I inserted the same card in Nikon coolpix p2 it worked fine. I recovered my photos from that camera. Then what on earth makes the SD card unusable for FZ7?

Actually, two week back I gave my SD card to my friend to use in his Nikon coolpix p2 camera. and when he returned me the card it started giving the error in my camera(FZ7) but in Nikon p2 it works fine.

Is there any problem with firmware of Nikon p2 that may have changed settings on CARD that makes it unusable for FZ7?

I will highly appreciate your reply.
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Format the card using the Nikon's menus for format. Then, format it using your Panasonic's menus for format before using it again. There could be a slight difference between them (even though they should be the same FAT16 Format).

If you can't format it using your Panasonic, try it with a card reader. But, make sure to select FAT as the File System Type from the drop down menu you'll see in Windows XP when you select Format as a choice after "right clicking" on the reader.

Otherwise, Windows will use a 32 Bit FAT (File Allocation Table) which may not be compatible with some cameras. Again, make sure to select FAT as the File System Type using XP to perform a format via a card reader.

If the card was accidently formatted using a 32 Bit FAT at any point, that could also be causing problems.

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I'll echo Jim's comments and also say that it is always important to format a memory card in the camera it is going to be used in. Even if the card is brand new, use the camera's format option on it. Be careful when using a card reader not to use the Move or Formatcommand from the computer, just copy the files and thenuse the camera to delete or format the card.

Even if you use the same card in the same camera all the timeit is helpful to use the format command frequently - this allows the camera to map out possible bad sectors on the card and thus preventing future errors.

An unfortunate side effect of the lower pricing of today's memory cards also means that there isn't as much quality control as there used to be and I suspect we'll see a rise in card defects. When going on a vacation or the like it always pays to have extra memory cards and batteries, just in case they're needed.
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