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Has anyone here used any of the personal media players such as the Medion MDVID 220 or the iRiver PMP 120? These are like the Ipods that plays video. The player has the capability to connect a camera or camcorder to the player directly without the use of a PC. It uses a USB host OTG (on the go). I see they only have jpg and bmp compatiblity; no RAW. I can live with that. They sell for about $225 with a 20GB drive.

What are the downfalls of using this to backup a memory card while on vacation? I have been looking at buying a dedicated photo backup device, but they are just about as expensive, and do not have MP3 and movie playing capabilities.

I have seen other similar devices which also have a media card reader in them.
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I have not used the models you mentioned, but I did have an Archos AV500 for a short period of time. It is a portable media player, and includes the ability to download photos via USB from cameras or flash card readers. I had the device for less than two weeks, then it started displaying hard drive error messages. After spending an hour or so with their tech support on the phone, I ended up with a solid white screen, and several gb of lost photos.

I do not think I will depend on one of these devices again. A flash card is extremely reliable, and I do not worry about photo loss with them. Laptops can usually provide warnings about hard drive problems, and even a "crashed" drive can usually be recovered without much effort. A closed, propriety device does not offer these comforts. My Archos might have been recoverable if I pulled the drive out, but doing so would have voided the warranty. I chose to lose the photos and get my money back.

I will stick with having extra flash cards. My current camera (4mp olympus) uses old smart media, but I am planning to upgrade, and will likely go for a CF or SD camera - two formats that have widespread acceptance, and are unlikely to go the way to SM. I can then just dl the photos to my desktop or my laptop, and burn them to DVD for backup.

So this is my take -

Pros :
Large capacity
low cost (relatively)

Cons :
Hard drives susceptible to failure
Propriety system makes recovery difficult or impossible
Possible warrantly issues if damaged
Easily damamged
Must still use a PC to make a backup

I can pick up a 2gb SD card for under 50 dollars right now. I would rather have the reliability of flash. I have been burned once - never again.

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u can actualy buy a enclosure for a laptop hard drive that runs on batterys to use as a data bank, they are around the £30 mark over here in England, plus what ever sice of drive you want to put in it, i was going to get one but most supermarkets in tourist areas have a photo lab where u can burn images to cd for £2 a time
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