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Hello. Could anyone enlighten me on the options, maybe suggest a recovery software that is known to work for MPEG4? I have a memory card recovery software but that is just for still images.

- The battery died while taking a video. I changed the battery and continued to use it afterwards.
- Later, when I looked at the Xacti's SD card content using Windows Explorer and in the camera's playback mode, the file of interest wasn't there. There is a sequential numbering gap where that file should be, eg. SANY005, SANY006, SANY008, etc.
- I transferred all the other files (using Windows) to the PC drive. I know from experience exactly how much recording capacity should show for the blank SD card on the Xacti HD1's display. The total video length record time on that SD card at a certain setting is now reduced by 8 minutes. That suggests something is still there occupying space. From recollection, 8 minutes is about the length of the video before the battery died.

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I would start by trying to use a regular file recovery program - something such as Norton, for example.

Make sure you do nothing to that card. Do not attempt to write anything to it and do not try to use it again until after you have recovered your file. If you do write anything to the card, you will significantly reduce any chance of recovering the file.
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This mpeg4 file, is it definitely a .mp4 file?

Not an mpeg4 encoded .avior .mov file ?

If avi or mov have you triedeither PcInspector FileRecovery or Smart Recovery ?



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Hello. I've tried the following:
- Convar's PC Inspector File Recovery as suggested by Sintares (but not the Smart Media Recovery yet, the one that can look specifically MOV files)
- GetData's Recover My Files, and Active Data's [email protected] (top rated file/disk managment utilities at download.com similar to Norton) as suggested by amazingthailand
- a few shareware flash card recovery utilities

All same results. They see all the files that were there, even from last week, except the one in question, the one that is taking up 200 MB on the SD card but whose filename can't be seen. The recovery utilities all show a gap in the filename sequence corresponding to the missing file just like Windows.

The more I think about it...this is what might have happened:

The file got written, hence, there is something occupying 200 MB, but it was not properly registered in the FAT before the battery died, hence the filename is not visible. The recovery software I have tried looks at entries in the FAT be it corrupted or intact.

Any solutions to this abscence in the FAT problem...or has that been covered with the types of software I've tried?
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If it's been overwritten in any way, you may not be able to recover it.

Here is a commercial (not free) program that may be worth a try. They have a trial version that can give you a feel for how it may or may not work with your files.


If this one can't get it back, here's an open source program that you may want to try.

It's designed to work with severely corrupted file systems by looking for header information specific to many image types in order to try and reconstruct them.

I have no experience with it. Here is the link:


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