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Certainly appears to be a common theme here, I have also ordered a new card reader, fingers crossed it works OK.

I just cannot be bothered to get all of the leads out and plugged in to my computer, just to download a few pictures.

I note that the companies concerned Fuji and Olympus are keeping very quiet about this card reader problem.

Like others have said, I also have no problems at all with SD, CF or even SM Cards.

I would certainly have avoided Fuji had I have known.
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Old Nov 7, 2006, 9:20 PM   #12
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FujiFilm F-30 Serial 62W02374 Made in Japan firmware version 1.0

Olympus XD H series MXD1GH3 8xah58cb 610

This is the second XD card after the exact same problems with the first one.

This combination officially sucks. It loses pictures randomly and catastrophically when transferred to PC. Have tried, integrated card reader on HP laptop, seperate reader, cable connection, formatting in camera, formatting out of camera.

Randomly, but 75% of the time, partial pictures will copy over to PC, then a card error happens, or "pictures not found" or "incorrect parameter" then the card goes back in the camera and 50% of the time, the card is now corrupt, has to be reformatted.

Any suggestions? smaller card, different type XD? Firmware upgrade. Toss the F30 in the trash? (be a shame because the sensitive chip is great, and I love the pictures)

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Suggestions (and this applies to any camera):

1. Always format a memory card in the camera before every use. Use the camera's menus for format versus a PC. That insures that you always start out with a fresh FAT (File Allocation Table) just the way the camera expects it, since it's peforming the format.

2. Don't use your PC to delete images, unless you're sure to follow step one. Ditto for any other writes to a card. If you cut and paste images from your card to a PC, it's performing a delete (and that's writing to a card). Some drivers cache writes to media, and that can cause corruption if the cached writes are not flushed properly. So, I rarely delete images from a PC.

If I do write to a card with a PC, I make sure to format a card using a camera's menus for format before using it again (but, I do this prior to every use anyway, with every digital camera I've owned, since it's usually just as fast as deleting the images).

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Well, I just got my replacement card from Olympus, put it in the camera and straight away got a "Write Error". I can't format the card without getting an initalisation error and my card reader on the PC won't see the card. That's another card my F30 has destroyed. I'm sending the camera back.
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Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I bought an F30 with a 1gb Olympus type H and couldn't read it with my Sandisk SD-88 card reader. After reading the horror stories about reader compatibility with type H cardsI went out and bought an Olympus MAUSB-300 ($20 + tax) and followed the advice not to erase or write to the card with my computer. Thankfully the SD-88 didn't appear to damage the card. After downloading the pics I put the card back in the F30 and formatted it. No issues so far. Thanks to those who posted the earlier advice on this issue.
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