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I'm currently on the hunt for an sd card to go with my newly ordered D50. I've been trying to find as much info as I can online but quite frankly, am still none the wiser as there are so many conflicting results.

I'm looking for a sandisk ultra II card but not sure which size I should be looking for 1GB or 2GB. Generally speaking (I know settings and raw vs jpg etc make a huge difference)... but what does everyone have in their D50 and how many shots are you (generally) fitting on it?

Is it worth bumping up to the 2GB card or would I have a difficult time filling that up?

I can't say how great it is to have such helpful and experienced folks to lend a guiding hand with these decisions... so thank you.
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I have had my D50 for 3 months now, and have never filled up the 512 card. I do wish that I had a 1 gb card. I don't plan on buying anything bigger, utnil I go on my next trip in a few months. Whle I have been learning (new to SLR), I put the quality and size of the pictures down to the mid range. I can get about 500 shots that way. I went on a weekend trip and took 700 pics with the 512 card. I was mainly shooting to put the pictures into a video, so 2 megapixel pics are more than adequate. I also shot a lot of consecutive sequence shots at mid size and high compression. I think the camera said it would hold about 900 shots of that quality on the 512 card. I (unraidned eye) could not tell the difference on the motior from the top quality to the med-low quality. I am sure a train eye could see the difference. Maybe I could see the difference when printed.

Of course it depends on how long you are going to be away from your computer.

It would also depend on the cost difference between the 2 cards. If the 2 GB is only 25% more, go with that. I like to keep my eggs in different baskets. I am always afraid while on a trip that I will loose the camera/card. Then I will loose everything. I plan to make my next purchase a 1 GB, and may be buy 2 of them. Backup storeage deveices are also getting cheaper.

If you plan to shoot RAW, go with the 2 GB. I can only get ~60 RAW pics on the 512 card.

Everybody will have a different opinion on this. Go with what is best for you. Maybe buy the 1 GB now, and buy another 2 Gb down the road. The 2 GB will be cheaper than the 1GB in a couple of months.

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I use 1GB size memory cards. I have my D50 set to fine and large. And with that setting I will get about 282 pictures to a card. I have PNY, A-Data, Patriot, and Silicon Power cards. The PNY are normal speed, one is 50X, one 133X, and one is 150X. When I am shooting I can't tell any difference in speed from the slow cards to the faster cards. At this point I don't know if I would spend extra money to get a faster card.

All of these cards have worked perfectly fine for me. I choose the 1 GB because it seems to be the best value. Going to the 2 GB size it seems like you pay more than double the price of the 1 GB card. Besides, for me, it helps me to keep things a bit organized.

I bought all my cards online. I was able to save quite a bit that way. And when choosing which card I just looked at the user reviews. If the reviews are good and the price is cheap, I buy it. And again, I have not had 1 problem with any of the cards.

One other reason why I have not been in a big hurry to buy any 2 GB cards is the user reviews. The reviews I have read, people just don't rate them as high a the 1 GB cards. But that is only what I have read. I don't have any experience with 2 GB cards.

Keep in mind, an advantage of digital cameras is that it doesn't cost anything to snap a picture. If you don't like the result, delete it. And the thing I like in particular about the D50 is that I can shot off alot of pictures in very little time.

My advice - just make sure you have enough memory, so that when you are shooting you don't have to worry about running out of space.

Good luck and good shooting.
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Thanks for the input folks, much appreciated.

I ended up going for the 1GB card as it I'm confident it'll do what I need it to and at this stage (just starting up) it's useful to put the extracash I would have spent on the 2GB card onto something else like protection (uv) filter for the lens. I know not everyone agrees with these but.... I enjoy taking shots of my dogs at the beach and don't like the idea of sand and salt on my lens!

Also liked the idea of not putting all the eggs in the one basket, thanks for that tip! I'm sure the 1GB will suit me (for now anyway) and can get another later down the track if needed.

Thanks again!
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