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I had been using a Sandisk 512MB Memory Stick Pro on Sony DSC-P73 for about 2 years, and never had a memory card problem (not even once).

Recently I bought a Panasonic TZ1. I used a Sandisk 1GB Ultra II USBplus SD for about 2 weeks without any problem. Then I switched to an OCZ 2GB 133x SD. About 1 week into it, I got a "memory card write error" from my camera while recording video clips. Now one more week has passed and I haven't seen the problem again (yet?).

The card has a lifetime warranty. OCZ is very new to flash memory, but is an established niche computer memory company that caters to the "overclocking" crowd. The OCZ is about 1/3 cheaper than Sandisk Ultra II 2GB, which is the reason I bought it.

Should I

-- try to exchange it because: the card is obviously defective, even if you only hit the problem once so far; so you *will* hit the problem again sooner or later, why live with the threats that 3 minutes into your next most important video clip you may hit the problem and lose the clip ...


-- do nothing unless you hit the problem again because: no memory cards are perfect, no matter what brand; it is inevitable that you hit an error sooner or later; if it only happened once it may be a "fluke", don't worry about it unless/until there is further evidence that it is bad (i.e. if I hit the problem again); an exchanged card may be even worse

Thank you.

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I'd format the card via the camera's menus (not via a PC) and see if the error reoccurs. You might have a corrupted FAT causing problems.

I always format a memory card via a camera's menus prior to every use, no exceptions. That insures I always start out with a fresh FAT (File Allocation Table), just the way the camera expects it (since the camera is performing the format). It's just as fast as deleting the images on most models anyway. ;-)

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Thanks, yes I did that, and I haven't seen the error again (so far).

I guess that is one vote for "wait and see".

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