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I have several run of the mill PNY cards, a 50X card, a 133X card, and a 150X card. In my camera I cannot tell the difference in write speed among the different cards. It is just a "feel", I don't have any statistical measurements. When I dump my pictures to my hard drive using my USD 2 card reader I can't really tell any difference in how long it takes.

Can someone tell what I am getting with the extra money spent on fastrer cards?

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Unless you're taking bursts of photos where you fill up the buffer and have to wait on the camera, then you won't see any difference.

But, if you are shooting a lot of photos in a row, or shooting in raw where you're filling up the buffer quickly, then a fast card can be nice to have.

There can be a big difference between cards in different cameras, and you can't always go by the manufacturer's stated speed.

Sometimes, I see standard speed cards that can allow a camera to write up to 8 times as fast as the 50x and 100x cards in some models. :-)

Rob Galbraith has a few speed tests of cards in a Nikon D50 here (and from your previous posts, that's what you're using):


But, it doesn't look like he's tested any slow cards in it.

It also looks like the camera's interface to media probably tops out at around 3.7 MB/Second judging from his tests so far.

But, even though he's only tested faster rated cards, you still see a pretty good difference between the slowest card tested (around 2.8MB/second) and the fastest card tested (around 3.6MB/Second).

In a model with a faster interface to media, you usually see a greater difference. For example, check out the speed tests for a Canon 1Ds Mark IIn:


Here's another example of speed tests for a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D. It can write to faster media at over 8MB/second (more than twice as fast as your D50 can write to media). Note that you can see a huge difference in some cards with it.

But, again, don't go by the manufacturer's rated speed, as you can have compatibility issues impacting how fast a card works in a given model. For example, in a Maxxum 5D, even a standard speed Sandisk card tested more than 5 times as fast as some of the 140x cards, and it can write to a Sandisk Extreme III around 10 times as fast as it writes to a Kingston Elite Pro.


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