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I'm new to this so please bare with me. I have two Lexar 1GB cards. One is 80x speed, the other is 133x. (I don't know if that matters with my question or not, just throwing it out there) Anyway, my question is this... On one card I got 250 pictures, the other I got 275. Camera setting was the same for all. Why the difference? I'm using a Cannon Digital Rebel XT set for the highest resolution. Thanks for any input...
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File size of jpeg images will vary by content due to the compression algorithms used.

An image with loads of fine detail and more colors from your XT may end up being over 5MB. Yet, an image that has less detail and fewer colors may be barely over 2MB.

You can't accurately judge how many images you're going to get on a card in advance shooting jpeg. ;-)

There could be a difference in the way you've got the cards formatted (for example, one may be formatted using a 16 Bit FAT and the other formatted using a 32 Bit FAT; or you may have different cluster sizes being used.

But, chances are, you're just seeing the impact of varying file sizes shooting in JPEG.

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