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I recently purchased a Toshiba portable DVD player(to occupy the kidsduring airline travel).But I noticed that it had slots for memory cards, and I thought its 8" TFT screenwould make a great portable photo viewer...but unfortunately it only accepts SD format, and my canon uses CF cards.

I've seen an array of adapters that will allow an SD card to fit into a CF slot, but I need to do the reverse...does ANYONE here know ifan adapterexists that willallow me to usemy CF card in an SD slot?

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Nope (not that I'm aware of).

A Secure Digital Card is much smaller than a CompactFlash card. So, in order to design any kind of adapter, it will need to be able to protrude from the SD Card Slot.

You also have design differences in the memory technologies. So, adapters like the Minolta SD to CF1 adapter have electronics inside of them to do the conversion (it's more complex than simply wiriing the correct pins).

I have seen no adapters like you want, and I wouldn't expect there to be a very big market for them (as the devices that would even be able to accept them would be limited since an SD card is much smaller than a CompactFlash card).

You could do it the other way around....

Buy a Secure Digital to CompactFlash adapter for use in your camera and buy Secure Digital media for it. That way, you could use the Secure Digital cards in either device.

You'd need to be careful about the adapter you buy. Most of them will *not* work in a digital camera. I've seen more than one post here from users that bought multiple adapters and could not get them working.

One that will work is the Minolta SD-CF1 Adapter.

But, I don't know of anyone that still has them in stock.


PNY also had one that works in most cameras (but, I don't know of anyone that still has that one either).

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Yeah, I figured as much. The suggestion you made about using an adapter with my camera would work, but I purchasedthree SanDisk Extreme III 2GB cards, and I dont want invest in a new media just to be able to use the DVD player.

I think I'd rather invest in a photo viewer designedto acceptCF cards without an adapter (like the Epson P-2000 or Creative Zen Vision).I realize this is amuch more expensive alternative, butthisway I'll also get an MP3 player (to keep ME occupiedduring airline travel).:G

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