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lg May 20, 2003 1:07 PM

Help needed restoring a formatted SmartMedia card
Well, I guess I didn't learn from history, so it has repeated itself! For future reference, even if you rotate a picture on a SmartMedia card while in the card reader, you risk altering the card so it is unreadable and unformattable in your Olympus camera!!!

I've tried WinHex, and every possible format available in XP to fix the card to no avail. Even saving an image of a working 64MB Olympus card and saving it to the bad card doesn't fix it! Perhaps I'm doing something wrong with WinHex and just need some guidance. I even tried using a utility that will format a card in FAT12, but I can't get it to run under XP. What's really puzzling is that I know the card isn't damaged, because I can read and write to it in several different card readers. I'm looking at formatting the card in a Fuji camera to see if that will allow me to reformat it in my Olympus camera, but does anyone have any ideas?

I'm tempted to purchase one of the Dazzle ZIO Smartmedia card readers with the smprep.exe utility and give it a try. Smprep doesn't work with my Kodak card reader. Your input would be greatly appreciated...

slowhand May 20, 2003 4:32 PM

You are lucky, after saving image of working 8 Mb card and copy it to non working 64 Mb, 8Mb is not working anymore.
Otherwise my story is the same as yours. :evil:

If formatting in Fuji camera helps, please post the results here.

Jola May 22, 2003 9:00 AM

This issue has come up quite often. There is only two solutions:

1. Format with Fuji SM camera. Olympus cameras only do a partial format and don't restore the CIS block. This is to copy protect their panorama feature but it detracts from the quality of their cameras. You will lose your panorama feature on Olympus cards.

2. SMPrep with a reader that supports this. Eg Sandisk SDDR-09 (not newer models like SDDR-75), Dazzle or Zio SM readers. If it is an Olympus card you will lose the panorama feature but this can be restored by a hexedit of SMPrep.exe.

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