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Has anyone used any of the portable CD burners; such as the Addonics MFR, or the RoadStor, or the Apacer CP200? I need to back-up my photos on CDs out in the feild, as opposed to a portable x-drive.

I just want to know what to expect as far as reliability and burn speed. I saw a review that stated that the Addonics recorded 6meg in around 58 seconds -- but I don't knowwhat type of flash card they were using. However, at that record speed, it would takeapprox. two hours to burn a Gig!?? Also, PC Magizine gave the RoadStor a great review, and also stated that it's basically the Addonics MFR with upgraded software -- so maybe it's faster?

Seems like the Apacer CP200 is thefastestaccording to Steve's review-- anyone haveanyof these?


Old message:
Can anyone give me any advice as to which of the following two portable CD burnersisbetter? I've looked at the specifications of both the Addonics MFR (the new one that also burns DVD's -- around $275) and the Apacer Steno CP200 (around $210). The Addonics MFR seems to be a better unit -- but from the reviews I've found on the internet and after talking to Addonics, it seems to burn CD's pretty slow. Basically, I need a small compact unit to burn my 1G Sandisk Ultra II card once it's full in the field. I really don't need the DVD burner, butthought it might be a nice addition for future needs.

And as far as the Apacer CP200 -- it seems like it may burn CD's a little faster, maybe half the time? I'm not too sure -- guess it really depends on how fast your Flash Card transfers data. Also, the con about this unit is that it doesn't playback regular movie DVD's -- but again, that's not what I need this thing for,but wouldbe a nice added feature. One thing I really like about the CP200 is that it may be a little more reliable with the "secure" burn, where I don't think the Addonics MFR hasthis type of "write verification" capability. And finally, I really like the OLED on the CP200, where the MFR has only a rudimentary two line LED.

The last thing I'm a little nervous about is that the user manualfor the Apacer CP200 states that if you're in the middle of burning a CD from say a flash card, and you loose power, that you may also corruptor loosedata on the Flash card -- so what's the deal with that? I'd be nervous to operate the thingif Ithe power pack isn't fully charged.

I guess I just wanted to see if anyone has any advise or hands on experience with one or both of these units -- as far as reliability, burn speed, or anything else that comes to mind.

Mark Lang
Orlando, FL

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Ususally in a comparison between any 2 units of anything, the only person who actually has experience using them is Steve. I normally look at his conclusions for each item & pick the one he thinks is best...it's worked well for me!
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I use the RoadStor and I love it. No problem even using it in the least favorable condition ...a bumpy/swaying, local train in Japan.
If you choose the RoadStor make sure it has the latest firmware update.
If not you may download it firm the company website.
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