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7Song Jan 8, 2005 7:34 AM

As a botany geek, I was wondering if their is any portable storage device that would allow me to both view and also title the many plant photos taken, so I won't forget them later. 20 gigs should do it. The Ipod photo looks attractive, but it is pricey for me at $399.
For a wish list, it would be great if it had a self-contained battery recharger and was compact. Lapstops are unacceptable for a number of reasons for this upcoming journey
I realize this is a lot to ask but if anyone out there has any ideas, and closest alternatives, I would appreciate it
I would like to add, that as I read thru this forum (and write the occassional letter), I really appreciate others sharing their experience.
Thank you, 7Song

ozematt Jan 11, 2005 10:09 PM


i just got a vosonic vp6210 for xmas, it works well

it allows pic preview (2' screen) also can play mp3 s and data storage .

as for title the photos ,

what i do sometimes when needing titles on parts that i photograph for work is ,,,,,,i just write the name of the part on a piece of paper take a photo of it then take the photo of the part ...simple but it works allows u to view your photos in order and have a reminder if the part /or plant name . you could then name the jpegs when you get to a place with a pc.

the vosonic is available at many places on line but i got mine from "power in numbers" in australia thier prices and service seem quite good

just an idea


philwithS1 Jan 12, 2005 5:39 AM

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Just bought one - will let you know - write a review here after I've played with it

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