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After years of point-and-shoot photography, our upcoming trip to Tanzania convinced my that maybe I should upgrade to a serious camera. I bought a Contax SL3000R T, since it is particularly well suited to digiscoping. On a recent trip to Nome however, I realized that this is not well suited to nature photography from a car, and most of our wildlife viewing in Africa will be restricted to a Land Rover.

So I splurged on Nikon 8800 with a 1.7X Nikon teleconverter on E-bay. Now I am confronted with the issue of digital storage. An 8 mega pixel camera will fill up CF cards pretty quickly. No way I am going to take a laptop. My main reason for going is to bird, and I will already have my binoculars, spotting scope, tripod and birding books in addition to the camera. So it looks like a portable digital storage unit is the way to go.

Up until a week ago, I didn't know these things existed. I have reviewed the reports on this web site, and read the query on this forum from 3/04 with a similar question about travel to Europe. I have not found a source for head-to-head comparison tests however, and so would appreciate input from those of you who know these things better than I.

For units without a screen, the Transcend Photo Bank looks ideal. I am thinking of springing for a unit with the ability to view the photos however, since I could then cull pictures that I don't want after they are transferred from the camera, rather than before.

Here is what I have been able to find about the market:
Epson P-2000 – may be the best one out there, but at mid-$500 too rich for my blood.

Transcend Digital Album – small, good reviews, pricey, $350 for 20 gb unit

Nixvue Vista – Not as small as I would like, but at $225 for a 30 gb unit much more affordable.

Delkin Picture Pad - Twin to the Vista, about the same price

Flashtrax – a bit more expensive than the two above, $250 for a 20 gb model, smaller, and the folding design protects the screen. Downside?

Nikon Coolwalker – Again not small, but not too expensive, $300 for 30gb unit, and has the Nikon name.

Suggestions and comments most welcome.
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I finally talked myself into the Epson. Glad I did, seems like a great unit.
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