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Default 25watt 5000K CFL's

Starting a new thread on these lights.

I found a very similar bulbs at HomeDepot called 25watt daylight cfl!
I am now busy searching the house for my old hot light reflectors and stands.

When I find them I'll post the results, but initial tests(turning them on) show the light is very bright and has a bluish cast.

Steve mentioned this site in a different thread and I thought they had some intreaguing cold lights

5000K 25watt compact florucents

Using these in an appropriate reflector (also sold on this site) would let you use constant lighting so you could see the effect.
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Though this isn't quite what you're talking about, it reminded me of a fairly new incandescent bulb that GE came out with called "Reveal." It's toned with blue that seems to have an ever so slight magenta cast, and I've used it any number of times for photos around the house in the evening. It doesn't replicate natural sunlight, but it does tone down the yellow-orange cast of incandescence.
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Yes, I used to like using the old hot lights, but they had a very short usefull life of 10-30 hours, and had a tendancy to melt things in front of them. If these things work out with a 5000+ hour plus life. WHooHoooo, well ok maybe not that exciting.

So far I found 4 stands and 1 wide, 2 medium, and 1 narrow reflector, but only 2 lamp sockets & mounts.
Gerr, one of the troubles of being in the same house for 25 years, and being a pack-rat by nature. .
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Whilst on the subject of flourescents, these have been in common use in small TV studios for a while. I remember assisting with colorimetry measurements when they came out several years ago:


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