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InJanuary 2005I purchased a PD7X. I though I was purchasing a device for my needs, however it turned out to be one great headache.

After purchasing the unit, I needed to install Firmware that would support FAT32 cards. I did so, and all seemed OK. The few tests I made seemed to work, but my testing was obviously inadequate for true field needs.

The first time I had the unit out I kept getting failures on downloads. I contacted 3hdigital and they informed me that the files per folder limitation of fAT32 is 1022, and their device was limited accordingly. This if I had more than 1022 files in a folder, the device could not complete the download past file number 1022. I immediately questioned this.

Since I shoot both RAW and JPG, and add WAV files, I have the ability to put 2997 files in one of my D2H folders. The D2H does it on a FAT32 card, and Windows can read and copy the 2997 files with no problem. How does this limit FAT32 to 1022 files? Of course I found out later that this was a limit THEY added.

Now having 2997 is unrealistic, but I shoot sports and often have at least 1998 files in a folder as I don't pay attention to how many are in each folder. Also, I may add some WAV files for photos which can bring the total over 2000 or even 2100. So something had to be done.

After countless emails with 3hdigital and promises of new firmware I finally replaced the device with a different brand and solved the issue. Of course after replacement I was emailed "new firmware" which I just found out has a 2046 file limit. 7 months after purchase they make a correction that still won't work. Of course, just today they told me they'd make a firmware that supports over 4000 files, but it surely wasn't attached to the email. Who knows how much longer this will take?

In my frustration with the "unusable unit" I asked that 3hdigital at least buy it back for what my new unit cost (same price actually). So far they refuse. I pointed out that no where in their documentation does it state the file limitations, and it does state that it supports FAT32. I've received no comment on this.

Now rather than just be negative (as above) I must say that the unit IS fast. If you can deal with the file limitations and strange (end opening) design you will find what I think are the quickest downloads from cards I have seen for any similar device. I just felt it was important to let people know of the limitations this device has before they go into the field and end up losing shots either because they believe they downloaded them or because they cannot empty their cards as planned.

Also, should you want the 2046 file limitation firmware you canreply here and I'llemail it to you. It seems3hdigital has not released it to the general public as of yet.

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