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ceecrb1 May 18, 2007 7:16 AM

After having all my photographic gear (and my glasses!) stolen from my girlfriends car, INside my rucksack....

i need to replace the lot!

However this time.. bag issues are troubling me. (already got a new D80 !! WOO!)

I'm trying to find a photographic bag which can double as a NORMAL bag for day to day use. I dont want to buy two bags but i'm happy to spend a little more to get this option..
Ie... more of a normal rucksack which you can add a camera part too.. than a camera bag with a "normal" compartment..

So far the top runner is Crumplers Puppet.. however its a liiiittle on a pricey side...

has anyone come across anything else that is an option..

i REALLY like the tarmac adventure 7.. does anyone have one and can they tell me if it opens up to one large compartment and can the camera "protection" be removed... ie will it do what i want?

Thanks muchly...

Bigben91682 May 18, 2007 5:10 PM

Canon makes a nice, and inexpensive backpack, the 200EG. It can be had for about $50 here in the states. It is well padded with lots of partitions that can all be removed. They are heald in with velcro.

I have it and still can't believe how much gear I can fit into it comfortably.

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