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prorobb123 Aug 30, 2009 8:00 PM

Battery/Power Adaptor for Sony DSC-F505V - Where to get???
I've been searching everywhere for a battery power adaptor for my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F505V.
It's the item that has a battery at one end, but is connected to a power cord and can be plug into my wall outlet.

I would love to use this instead of charging my batteries constantly, but I cannot find this item.

Anyone know where I can search?

Thank you for any assistance.


JimC Aug 30, 2009 10:01 PM

I don't see what you're looking for with a quick search through a few stores.

The original battery charger for it was the Sony AC-VF10. Here's a photo:

The charger was supplied with a battery eliminator so that it could double as an A/C Adapter (the battery eliminator plugged into the battery compartment and you plugged the cord from it into the charger). shows it is no longer for sale:

I had no luck searching through their parts store either. You may want to ask them if they can check to see if it's still available (or if you have the charger and only need the battery eliminator, see if they have one somewhere):

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