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I still need a flash and a bracket for a complete functioning setup. I have the vertical grip for my A700 and have a question or two.

I realize brackets come in all shapes, sizes and prices. It appears all of them, including a pretty decent old Sunpak I have laying around, all mount the flash to the camera's left.

Now to the question. With the vertical grip attached to the camera and held vertically, the flash will be below the camera. Correct? This isn't natural. Comments please.

Secondly - what do you guys think of this very inexpensive bracket:

Thanks - Ponz
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Many brackets do position the flash to the camera's left, keeping your right hand free to press the camera shutter button. A good bracket should place the flash head directly above the lens axis and either the camera or flash should be rotatable so the flash remains directly above the lens whether the camera is vertical or horizontal. Several bracket manufacturers make brackets which accommodate bottom-mounted grips or motor drives or battery packs.
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You could also turn the camera the other way so that the flash is above the camera - might seem cumbersome at first, but you should get used to it.
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Old Dec 15, 2007, 8:36 PM   #4
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I located a bracket made by Custom Brackets. It's a a Digital-T model. It can mount on either side of the camera and leaves plenty of room either side of the camera to grip. It also flips in order to keep the flash above the camera.....

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I personaly like the Stroboframe Press-T / Pro-T brackets because the bracket and not the camera holds the flash above the lens. The photographer holds the camera with the right hand as though no bracket at all is attached. The left hand is free to adjust the lens and anything else that needs a free hand doing. The only difference in the two brackets is that the Pro-T puts the flash head two inches higher then the Press-T. They both flip the flash for vertical flash keeping the flash above the lens. Both are very solid brackets that work excellent.

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