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kezs Nov 14, 2007 8:50 AM

I'm not a pro, I just use quite a few computers between laptop, desktop, home, office and so forth and want some uniformity. so, I've been looking into color managing hardware that's inexpensive (such as huey or spyder) but I seem to find much less reviews/user opinions than I expected for such an important subject.

so, do you do any kind of color management? adobe gamma wizard, 2000 bucks worth of hardware or anything in between?


PhotoFusion2 Nov 14, 2007 11:27 AM

If you are searching under 'Color Management' then you will not find much. You need to search under Color Calibration.

VTphotog Nov 14, 2007 9:59 PM

What do you want or expect from a calibrated system and color management?

If you are able to get accurate looking colors from your system, and can print the same, either at home or at a lab, you are most likely better off avoiding the subject.

Some of the longest horror stories I see on forums usually start out: "I just bought a XXY calibrator, and have calibrated my monitor, and now my prints don't match what is on screen...."


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