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I have just acquired a coolpics 5700. So far so good. I have a large collection of 35mm slides that I wish to transfer to digital. As I am only half way through our long cold winter, I have the time.
I'm looking for suggestions on attachable copyers and convesion adapters rings required. I have herd, from one source that software is required to make the transfer properly. I currently have "View 6.1" and "photoshop 2.0" Is there a better type of light source to use with these devices and any other tricks or tips you folks might be able to offer me? Thank you one and all for your assistance. Bill
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To copy slides all you need is something to hold the slide the proper distance from the camera lens, hold it up to the sky and snap the picture. Coolpix cameras can focus very close in macro mode, so should be able to fill the frame with the slide. To confirm this , just hold a slide up to the light and see how close you can focus. Assuming you can fill the frame, you can buy a 2" mailing tube and cut off a piece that will rest against the camera body and by placing the slide on the other end which you will cut to the required distance you can take a picture of your slide that will be superior to most film scanners and will be almost unaffected by dust. Plus it is far faster. If you are happy with the result you can use your ingenuity to make a slide holder for the end or to use a better material such as plastic. I made up a fitting from 2" acrylic that contains a two element lens of about 3" focal length since my camera can not focus close enough. The sharpness and dynamic range are far greater than examples I have seen from expensive scanners. Your Photoshop software is all you need for the minor tweaks that you might want. Beware of desk lamps as a source of light as unless placed just right and you use something to diffuse the light, like the bottom of a food container they will light up every speck of dust just like a film scanner does.

Good luck
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Billy P. For your C5700 you can bay the Nikon ES-E28 Slide Copying Adapter and them go to the http://www.cs.mtu.edu/~shene/DigiCam/. and by the adapter for the C5700 Part # NP0029. Will work perfect. I was using for many years in my C995 and now with the C8700. is great,your can save your negative and slides.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Yours : Carlitin
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