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Hards80 Feb 2, 2005 2:33 PM

hey all,

i am currently considering purchasing a Crumpler camera bag. I like the style and I like that they don't look like a camera bag, so they are less of a target for thievery. Anyways, i am looking at a Farmers Double maybe?

1) anyone have any experience, opinions on the Crumpler bags in general

2) since the farmer's double dedicates only the bottom part of the bag to camera gear. is there enough room for 1-2 canon eos bodies, 3 medium size lens ( <6 inches) and a flash. and if so, how roomy is the upper part for carrying other stuff, such as gym clothes, other work stuff?

Thanks All!!


kabl May 12, 2005 2:40 AM


I am looking at the Farmer Double my self - did you buy it, Dustin - and what do you think of it??

And a piece of advice: DO NOT buy bags direct from Crumplers website. I bought the black December Quarter back in march where it said "In stock" on their website. 14 days later and not a sound from Crumpler, I wrote them twice and they replyed that it was out of stock and that they could have it in april... Now it is 12th may and still no bag and not a word from Crumpler even though I write them an email once a week.

I hope my bag turns up eventually... -Kell

miatapaul Jun 2, 2005 10:03 PM

I have a very small bag for my casio ex-z4u and I like it. There bags are very very nice. B&H, and Adarama carry them. I got mine at and was very happy. It was on sale and very cheap. The bags are very well made, one of the best I have seen. They do have kind of a funky design to most of there bags. I think "old fuddy duddys" might not like them. I am old, but like them.

jonathan1011 Jul 3, 2005 11:38 AM

Did your bag ever turn up kabl? What do you think of it if it did?Can anyone recommend a crumpler to fit the following:Canon 20d, 17-85 lens, 10-22 lens, epson p2000, battery grip, stereo camera (revere) and some bits and bobs.

Stevekin Jul 4, 2005 2:40 PM

Hey jonathan, this holiday is getting more and more expensive eh :lol:.

Sorry, no recommendation this time, other than if you don't hear from kabl, to perhaps ask this in the Canon DSLR forum. Lot's of 20D owners, who, I am sure, carry a little bit more than just their camera.


jonathan1011 Jul 4, 2005 3:04 PM

Lol steve! Are you stalking me... I'll probably notice some shady character following me through the streets of SF[img]/forums/images/emoticons/lachen001.gif[/img]. I just purchased the Bunny Man CRUMPLER which is perfect for my needs. I didn't realise a local camera store stocked them. They are such good quality bags and as someone earlier said, they aren't obvious 'camera bags' so they shouldn't attract unwanted attention. If fact they are such nice bags I may purchase a regular shoulder bad too (when my CC cools down[img]/forums/images/emoticons/mad1.gif[/img]).Actually Steve, when I was in the store, I mentioned to the sales guy that I was hoping to get the epson P-2000 in the front compartment. He got one from the cupboard for me to look at. It isn't as big as I had feared and fits with room to spare. It's a beauty... (I didn't get to see it in action as the screen had a protective cover on). I can't wait for mine to arrive .

jonathan1011 Jul 4, 2005 3:05 PM

ot but... why do my fonts get funky when I use an emoticon?

Stevekin Jul 4, 2005 4:04 PM

jonathan1011 wrote:

Lol steve! Are you stalking me...
Sorry, I thought you were Gwen Stefani :?.

I'll try to stop it.

No, I don't know why you have funky fonts, but now I guess everyone will want them.

I am going to PM you with a suggestion on something. No, not stalking related :roll:.

kabl Jul 5, 2005 4:01 AM


The DQ turned up around the 12th of june - approx. 3 month after buying it. But my credit card wasn't billed until it was shipped, so no problems except the long waiting time... The bag was a gift and it is as far as I know doing quite good. It holds a lot of gear, but sometimes be to big and clumsy.

I got the Farmer Double myself. It is just great!!! On the picture below, it holds my Sigma 70-200 f/2.8, Canon EF-S 18-55, EF 90-300, Speedlite and there is free space for my camera body without problems. And there is still room for my 15'' laptop and gear in the upper part... And the protective part of the lower part of the bag can be removed making it useful for travelling and shopping!!!


joelw135 Jul 5, 2005 2:08 PM

I own a Crumpler Next Venue bag and find that it holds just about anything. My only dislike is that it is large. My next case mite be a luggage type suitcase with the foam inside.

P.S. Bought mine NEW on Ebay for half the list price.

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