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Default Eyelead "Sticky Bar" Sensor Cleaning Kit

I just thought I'd share my experience with the Eyelead "sticky bar" sensor cleaning kit. I was at PhotoPlus Expo in NYC last weekend and bought the cleaning kit. It can be found here:


Before I use the static brush similar to this (I only use the brush and canned air and don't use the wet cleaning tools):


I bought the cleaning brush because it was mentioned in a "hot deals" forum and was only $7 at the time. To my amazement it worked really well.

Just now I tried the Eyelead sticky bar. I'd say I had similar results with the static brush. Dust specs are lifted up while smudges remain. I guess smudges will require wet cleaning.

What's a little scary about the sticky bar is that it sticks quite well to the sensor. I'm afraid that if I lift it up the sensor might come along with it.

Also, the sticky bar comes with ten strips of "sticky pads" where you dab the sticky bar after each cleaning. The sticky pad (like scotch tape) takes the dust specs off the sticky bar so you can use and reuse the sticky bar (up to 5 years according to the vendor).

As I said I've only used it once. So my experience might vary as I use it more in the future. Price I paid was $35.
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thanks for the info
I think your very brave trying it
ive never had to clean my sensor except with the blower but if I did im not sure id want to put anything sticky on the sensor, I always assumed id either take it into a shop or buy one of those wet kits.
will you keep on using the sticky bar? or stick with the brush?
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Hi, Dave. I have not used it since that time I bought it. Then again, I haven't done much cleaning the reason being that I dropped my bag with the Sony A550 on it. The protective glass filter was shattered and I used brute force -- plier and metal cutter -- to unscrew the broken filter. It was ugly. Still, the camera and lens (Tamron 10-24) worked fine after that. Then a few days later, I bumped the camera body inside my car (with the handbrake handle) while preparing to go outside and since then I got "Camera Error". Long story short, I sent it for repair at Sony ($220 vs. quoted $275 at NYC's Chrysler Camera Repair) so I had a free sensor cleaning.

I plan to stay on using the brush. I might use the sticky bar but only if the brush doesn't remove a speck. My thoughts were it was made by a German company, and since I love my Metz flash and have the highest praises for it (I have a cheaper Polaroid which is nowhere near in performance), I am thinking German products are good quality and well thought out. Thank you for your thoughts. I will be very careful using it.

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