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Well two weeks ago I decided to put five of my Minolta cameras and assorted lenses in a box in the closet and buy myself a brand new digital SLR. I came home with a Nikon D-40X and two lenses. After playing with the camera for two weeks, a question popped up in the back of my mind...actully two questions. If I turn the D-40X to monochrome and slap a red filter on the front, will I get the same results as I would with black and white film? If so, will green and yellow filters work? The second question is about the Zone System. Having spent years and years trying to learn and perfect the zone system, will the zone system work in digital land? Any help would be well...helpful...thanks
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The Bayer colour matrix filter or Foveon sensor on a digital camera is permanently installed so the camera always takes colour pictures. Some cameras can record monochrome images but it would be done using a colour to monochrome algorithm in the camera. Many photographers aren't satisfied with the results and prefer to record colour and convert to monochrome in post processing when they have more control over the results including colour filter effects.

The colour filters you mention will have some effect on the recorded image but you would have to run tests to see if it's what you expected.

There is no reason why you can't adapt the zone system to digital photography.
See http://simplifiedzonesystem.com/index.html

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