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gibsonc Sep 22, 2012 1:50 PM


I am looking to buy a set of filters for a trip to Anglesey soon so I can do some long exposure work.

If you were to only be allowed two filters what would they be?

Im thinking a polarising filter and a ND filter. For the ND what would be the best strength to go for? I'm guessing one somewhere in the middle of the range will be most useful?

Another question is square vs round? I'm leaning towards a set of square filters as I haven't got any lenses that have the same filter thread!

And lastly I am guessing this will be a load of rubbish but it's at a great price! any thoughts on that?


TCav Sep 22, 2012 2:39 PM

I use an ND 0.6 when I shoot equestrian sports and I want to get a shallow DoF, but still have a shutter speed slow enough to still get a hint of motion blur. ND 0.3 an ND 0.9 are just one stop either side, which is hardly worth the trouble.

I'd throw in the CPL for good measure, as, at the very least, it's probably an adjustable ND filter anyway.

As for your 14.49 eBay kit, there might be a screw or a shim in there that you might find useful, and so might be worth the purchase price.

gibsonc Sep 23, 2012 9:01 AM

I bought the ebay kit, even if the step up rings, the filter holder and the case arre the only decent things its still a good price! It will also allow me to find which filters I would use so then I can buy some decent ones!
In terms of brands of filters to buy I am thinking Cokin, they seem to be at a decent price and get good reviews?
And finally the lenses I have are a 70-200f4l, 18-55, and 50mm on the last two the lens moves when focusing, I know this isn't ideal for a CPL but will it cause any damage to focus with the holder on the front?
This purchase may turn out expensive! I could quite easily convince myself that a 17-40 is necessary!

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