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quartz Jun 1, 2006 2:14 PM

Got my new *ist DL2 las week with the two lens kit.I'm now thinking of adding some filters and a tripod.I do mostly landscape and auto racing photography,so base your recommendations on that for filters.Regarding the Tripod I would like it tomeet these criteria,not to heavy,not to expensive.Any suggestions would be welcomed.


granthagen Jun 1, 2006 9:28 PM

For sure you need a circular polarizer! Neutral density and graduated neutral density filters are useful, also.

Don't have any recommends for tripods. Mine is 30 years old!


Kaspian Jun 2, 2006 3:10 PM

Nice thread! I'm also looking for a tripod.

wadue Jun 7, 2006 5:18 PM

When I first started taking pix, everyone told me that "You Have To Put On A UV Filter On Every Lens That You Own!!!" that way if the glass gets scratched, you're only out the cost of the filter not the lens....which really made I did & still do. Then I took a class @ a local cam shop & the instructor said "Chances are, if you scratch the filter, then you're going to scratch the lens also". So, back to the subject....

Get a UV, neutral density( I use a ND2 which I like),& a polarizing (which really helps to cut down on reflections off of glass, steel buildings & water) to get started. I've gotten a few colored filters (green, orange, yellow, etc) to play around with when I do Black & White during the winter. I also got a cheap star-crossed filter off of Ebay (gotta luv Ebay!) for adding light effects to your shots (like city streets or Christmas trees ... I did a really cool Christmas card shot of an ornament with the crossed light reflections). But that stuff is all in the "EtCetera" category!!! Cause, this is one of those hobbies that always include etceteras!!!:GIf you see someone else's work, that you like & would like to do something similar, then add it to your "etcetera" equipment! There's cheap filters & there's good quality filters. It's all according to what you want to use them for.

Same goes for the tripods! I've a Promaster 6200 that my wife got for me when I first started. It's light weight ...extends up to 6'4" ( which is nice ...I'm 6'3") ... has a quick release head (which is also nice!) ... but I would like to get a heavier weight tripod some time in the future (I do some wildlife stuff & it gets windy sometimes:sad:) but for now that $100 tripod is very functional for me. I also have a small (like 2' tall extended) Cobra tripod (cost $40) that I ALWAYS keep on my pack just in case I don't have my other one with me!

The main thing is (in my opinion of course) ...DON'T GET OVERWELMED!!! This is all about having FUN!!! It's a hobby!!! Get what you can afford & dream about the stuff that you can't:GAs long as you get that one picture that keeps ya coming back, you're doing good! A friend told me that a couple of years ago & I always try to remember it!

Congrats on the new purchase! If you enjoy it, as much as I enjoy my ist-dl, you'll really get some nice shots!


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