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I'm looking for one that's metal and allows me to rotate the camera and still keep the flash vertical. Does anyone use them and if so, where can I find one online?
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The Stroboframe Camera Flip is a popular choice designed to keep the flash centered above a camera, letting you flip the camera from landscape to portrait.

You sometimes see some virtually identical "knockoffs" on Ebay, too. Search Ebay for "Camera Flip Bracket" (without the quotes), and you'll find some of them.

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The Stroboframe Press-T or Pro-Tare much better then the flip. They allow you to hold the camera instead of the bracket allowing you to steady the lens from creeping during shooting if using a Zoom.

You will also need a Nikon TTL sync cord to attache the camera to the flash. I use the SC-29 because it has the auto focus eye on it but any of the Nikon TTL cords will function properly.

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I use the Nikon D70s, SB-600 Speedlight, Stroboframe Camera Flip and SC-29 TTL cable.

The flash end of the SC-29 doesn't have a shoe connector but has a tripod nut so I had to remove the shoe from the top of the Stroboframe and attach the SC-29 with a 1/4-20 bolt. (Tripod screws are usually 1/4-20)

The D70s just fits in the Stroboframe so I can't use my Manfrotto quick release plate. You may encounter pinch points with a larger camera so check before buying. Not having the QR plate is not a really problem as the camera stays on for the photo session unlike shooting with the monopod where I take the camera off to walk around.

The left hand holds the Stroboframe and the right hand is on the camera and shutter release. You have to juggle a bit to operate the zoom ring!

Wind the TTL cable around the frame to keep it from dangling everywhere but allow enough slack between the frame and camera to avoid stressing the cable when you flip.
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