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I'm totally confused. I live in Hawaii and Costa Rica and do a lot of high light/ocean shots and well as lower light jungle shots. Do I want to get UV and polarized filters for my G6?

I'm also interested in in a good quality teleconverter. I have considered the Canon 58mm teleconverter, but it doesn't have threads for adding filters. Do I need/want to add polarized or uv filters to my teleconverter?

If so, what are other teleconverters? Is the TiffenMegaplus 2x atlensmatea possible choice? Can I use the zoom with the Tiffen that requires a 43-52mm step ring, or will I experience vignetting if zoomed out ?
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You can get by without the UV filter. Most glass lenses don't transmit much UV unless they are specially designed to do so and digital imagers aren't very sensitive to UV to begin with.

You may want the polarizer but might be able to get by without it. The polarizer is used for cutting the reflected glare from glass, water, painted surfaces, but works well only when the reflected light rays are 45 to 60 degrees from perpendicular to the reflecting surface or when the incident light is polarized. It is unlikely that either of these conditions will be met when shooting from a long distance from the subject.

The other major application for a polarizer is in darkening a blue sky without changing the color balance of the remaining image. However, this darkening is significant only for those areas of the sky approximately 90 angular degrees from the sun and not very close to the horizon. The polarizer has no effect on clouds so it can be used to make clouds more visible in these parts of the sky. You will be looking at a small area of the sky with your teleconverter. Most likely, that area will either have clouds or it won't; there is unlikely to be only partial cloud cover in such a small area and it probably won't be an important part of the composition. You might want to be able to control the shade of a blue sky though.
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