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Shelb Jan 28, 2010 5:18 PM

on the go picture - portable projector
I've been out of town for awhile now on a few destination weddings and ended up picking up the portable projector I was asking about before leaving. In the past month, i've seen 2 northern california destinations and one in washington. FINALLY back home (took vacations where I stayed for the weddings), I thought I'd share a quick review of what I ended up getting.

(original thread:

I ended up going with the brighter model - the aaxa m1 pocket projector - for several reasons. I was looking in to the p2 and while it is more functional for battery power, this was more functional for on the go (and the brightness is more usable for me). It gives me 66 lumens and i'm able to review my photos without a laptop via the built in SD card reader. I didn't end up using it as much for wedding slide shows during my few destinations, but I got to review which photos we wanted to edit with the bride and groom quickly after the reception.

garage lights all the way on

garage lights off

garage lights (super bright) on

i'm happy with my purchase considering i'm on a budget. The m1 that I got was actually CHEAPER than the p2 I was looking at.

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