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Angila123 May 7, 2008 6:39 AM

I am looking for software which can put my favorite DVD movies in my personal multimedia player, such as my iPod, Zune or PSP? I know the fact that most multimedia player's available today only supports MP4 format. If you gays know any software which will convert DVD format movies and videos to a file format that is compatible to iPod, Zune, PSP and even your PDA and cell phone. So, please let me know.
Thanks for future help.

granthagen May 7, 2008 8:58 PM

Check this out:

This is a freeware player/encoder that can convert just about anything to anything else.

It doesn't have any "wizard" type functions, you have to look at the instructions to see how to do what you want it to do, but it isn't all that complicated. There is a pretty good user forum to address problems or provide instructions if the FAQ's and such don't tell you what you want to know.


Stephen7 May 8, 2008 1:30 AM

I am using Movavi vediosuite, it is very easy to use and it converts DVD format movies and videos to a file format. You can play it on iPod, Zune, PSP and even your PDA and cell phone. It can convert DVD file format to MP4 format or to other formats that is supported by your personal multimedia player. The important thing about this is it doesn't just convert DVD movies to a file format compatible to your personal multimedia player, but it will also enable you to extract frames and soundtracks in a particular DVD. I think it will be helpful to you.

VTphotog May 9, 2008 12:44 AM

DVD FAb is another program which does what you are asking about. find it at

There is also a freeware version which just rips the dvd to your hard drive, from which you can use other transcoding software, such as mediacoder, which is also freeware.


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