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Default House Lights

We have several light fixtures in our house that hold 5 light bulbs each.

Which light bulbs could I install that would allow my snapshots to have better color?

Right now, we have 60 watt soft white bulbs.


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I presume you've been using the Auto White Balance, maybe even a Custom White Balance. What kinds of problems have you been experiencing?
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Hey TCav, thanks for the reply!

First, I'm shooting in Canon Camera RAW. So I use a grey card and shoot in custom balance as often as I can.

However, when I shoot indoors, I often need to use a flash. So with a flash giving me one color of light and the house lights giving me a different color of light, there's a battle in the blending of the light colors.

So some stuff doesn't look right I sometimes use colored film over the flash to get all the colors right. I was hoping to find a light bulb solution to this conflict.

Thanks again!
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Your best bet would be daylight white compact fluorescent lamps for a fairly close match with electronic flash. Maybe. Look for lamps marked with 6500K color temp, or listed as full spectrum.
Many fluorescent lamps change color during the voltage cycle, but it is fast enough that you don't really notice, unless you are using a high enough shutter speed. It can raise hob with colors. The full spectrum lamps don't seem to do that - at least the ones I have tested. I think the phosphors have a bit more persistence, which also reduces the flicker.

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