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Hey there. Thought some of you would like to know how long it takes to upload images to your iPod using the camera connector. I transfered a full Sandisk Ultra II card from my Rebel XT to my 60GB iPod Photo (now the 60GB iPod) using a standard USB cable in 50 minutes. I was hoping it would be faster, but that's what I got when I've done it and I've done it multiple times. I shoot in RAW+JPEG, so I'm guessing that it would be a little faster with just JPEG's or just RAW, but I'm not dure. Naturally, it uses a lot of battery power to do this as well. So there ya go. Enjoy!
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this comes up every now and then. they are as slow as slugs and the battery drain is overwelming. for any serious work it still won't hold up. great for the snap shooter but forget big files. stick to the music.
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Does the Rebel XT use a USB 2.0 interface at the full 480 Mb/s? I'm just wondering if it would work better using a USB 2.0 card reader with the iPod, maybe be faster/use less battery?
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Using a card reader will not make the transfer any faster. As a matter of fat using a card reader may in fact not work. Unless it is a card reader that accepts only One Memory Card. Not the All-in-One Readers. Also for whatever reson the Adapter is USB 1.1. It does drain the battery, but I'm willing to take the drain to avoid carrying or buying multiple cards. But using the card reader will save the battery of your camera, not for the iPod. On my last trip I took one card with me & everynight I would transfer all my files over. It would take right around 30 minutes to tranfer a 512 stick. Not very fast but It did the job while letting me use my existing hardware. At least when I got home I was able to transfer all of my photos in one shot over a firewire connection. I still recommend it unless your have the money to go for one of the dedicated photo transfer devices.
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