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lrogier Oct 12, 2009 3:25 PM

Kata 3n1 size question
I have a Sony A100 with a few Minolta lenses including the 70-210 f4.

Does anyone here have this set up with a Kata 3n1? I am looking for a slingbag (I haven't tried one but like the idea), but I want to know if the Kata 3n1 20 can hold the camera with the 70-210 attached? No one locally has a bag that I can try it out in.

I presume the 3n1 30 would hold it but it would seem a bit big since I don't have a whole lot of stuff. I have the camera body with the 18-70 kit lens, a 50, a 28-85, and the 70-210 though I usually use one the 18-70 or the 70-210. I don't have a flash that works though perhaps I will buy one.

So, anyone have any idea on the Kata 3n1 20 (or 30)? Or is there a better recommendation you have? I tried the Lowepro 200 but it seemed to small and ill arranged. The Kata looked better, at least in pictures.

Thanks for any help.

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