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cjp87 Dec 14, 2010 7:17 PM

Kata DR-467i Backpack or Tenba Small Messenger?
I currently only have a Case Logic SLR-205 sling, which was great going around Ireland when I needed quick access to my camera (and I plan on using it again in the future). However, I'm currently thinking of getting a bag to be my primary - for travel, photography, andevery day grad school stuff. vs. Kata Tenba

This last bit means that I need to be able to keep my laptop with power cables, notepads, books, etc., in the bag (not necessarily all at the same time as the photo equipment, of course). So, after digging around, I've narrowed it down to two bags of differing styles.

I've always used backpacks, so in that sense the Kata DR-467i should be the more familiar. It's much, much larger in capacity than my current backpack, and I almost think I'd be able to keep at least half my equipment and all my school stuff in it at once. So, for capacity's sake, it seems to be the clear victor. The photo dividers are removable, so there's no worries about lacking space for grad school stuff. It has a slot for a laptop that should house my Macbook Pro.

The Tenba Small Messenger bag seems to have space for plenty of photo equipment and a 15" MBP in photo mode, and I think if you remove the inserts it would be a pretty good sized bag for daily use. It seems like it would be more accessible, hanging off the side rather than your back. But by that same note, I've also never used a bag off the shoulder like that, which may be less comfortable or more cumbersome than a backpack. So basically, it's unfamiliar territory to me, which is both intriguing (never had a bag that wasn't a backpack) and caution inducing.

Both are pretty comparably priced.[email protected]

ewheeler20 Dec 17, 2010 8:31 PM

I have the large tenba messenger bag, in the color you have embedded (chocolate). I love it. It doesnt look like a normal camera bag which is great for me seeing as how i dont want others to know i have $3,000+ amount of equipment on me.

The strap is super comfortable and padded. I have put my 15" macbook pro + my camera equipment in there once before on a short trip, and it is a tight fit... but it does fit.

Here is what i keep in there 100% of the time:
Pentax K-r
Sigma 70-200 2.8 + hood
Sigma 18-250 + hood
Pentax 50mm 1.4 + hood
Sigma 105 2.8 macro.
Battery charger + cable
3 filters
cleaning supplies

What i have put in there + the stuff listed above:
15" mbp.
sigma 30mm 1.4
pentax 55-300

Keep in mind that the tenba bag is not designed to be taken out during hiking because it is a messenger bag. Your shoulder cannot take the weight (at least with all my equipment i keep in it) for more than a few hours.

With the photo equipment insert removed, there is a boat load of room in there and will make a great multi-purpose bag for school and stuff like that.

Honestly the backpack vs. messenger is a style choice. I too never owned a messenger style bag before the tenba, but i really like it. The tenba has the same purpose as the backpack, but they are designed for different situations. The backbacks are usually better for outdoors long hiking lots of rough moving around. The messenger is a city bag, walking around in a metro-type area.

My favorite part about the tenba is the top "quick-access" zipper. I use than 90% of the time when accessing my camera because it conceals all of my equipment from others while being able to take my camera out in seconds.

good luck with your decision.

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