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Default Lens noises

Lens noises


I apologise for cross-posting this message, but just to a couple of groups where I think it is appropriate.

I just wanted to bring up an issue which I dont see mentioned very often in discussions on photography (particularly autofocus cameras).

I have a Kodak DC4800 camera, and I notice that it emits quite a prominent (ie something that would embarass you at a concert) noise when certain functions are performed: Autofocus, LCD on, zooming.

With the zooming I can understand real movement is happening, so it would make some noise, plus it is possible to take photos without zooming to avoid that noise.

Similarly I can avoid the LCD turning on noise by keeping it off, or making sure the camera doesnt go to power saving (by touching the zoom when it already at its limit, in the same direction).

However, the only way to avoid the autofocusing noise is to lock the camera onto Invincity mode, or Close-up mode. Then the focus is locked and wont try to autofocus. However this is disastrous, in most areas of photography, where your subject matter will be out of focus (as mine was in the photos I was taking at my ex-girlfriends concert - for her).

I found myself wishing that I could lock the focus of the camera at any distance, once I had it set. Or wishing Kodak had put in a menu option, where you can simply choose a "Distance to Subject" option, and you can select values from the whole continuum. Or just wishing the autofocus wouldnt be so loud.

So this leads me to my questions:

1. What have been people's experiences with the noises their cameras make?

2. Which cameras are 'quiet' and which are loud?

3. Wat solutions have people found to eliminate the noises (muffling or focusing tricks)?
4. Do any digital cameras have the features I suggested (ie a menu option where you can just specify a distance to subject)? I get the impression the manual focus function on Canon G2 would allow something like thing, right?

Thanks for your opinions. Please feel free to reply with as long as message as you like. I dont mind. Alternatively, if you dont want to post on this forum, reply privately to: [email protected]

Thanks again, Ciao,
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All cams will probably have different characteristics noise wise. Most are re-assuring, but yes sometimes 'stealth mode' is handy! Try your cam out in a church- that can be worse than a concert.

The noises come from small motors zooming and focussing. On my Fuji 602 the zoom always makes that 'stepper motor' noise at power up, but afterwards I can preset the zoom and manually focus. However, it's obvious afterwards that the cam is ready from the amount of extension!

I don't know why 'lcd on' should be noisy. Unless you mean preview previous shots mode, and the zoom lens is being retracted. This might be normal.

Interestingly, Fuji add a sound effect to simulate a focal plane shutter noise(bit gimmicky!), but this and the cam ready 'beeps'can all be turned down or off.
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Keeping the camera in single AF focus (ie it only focuses when the shutter is partially depressed) should help.

Some cameras like the Minolta D5/D7 series have manual zoom just like mechanical SLR should help. One can also use the manual focusing ring on theses camera to reduce the annoyance since they are speed-sensitive (ie turn the ring very slowly) . They also hold their focusing point like a manual SLR as well!

BTW turn all beeping sound off since they only consume the scarce battery power and tax the CPU power instead of processing pictures :P
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