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Default Lowepro Flipside Trek BP450 AW Backpack - great topic for discussion - huh..!!

Well, this forum seems a little dead lately so I thought I'd just try to kick a little life into its decaying carcass, and what better way to do that, than with a great topic I know everybody would just love to read (oh yeah, sure..!!),, the Lowepro Flipside Trek BP450 AW backpack - right..!! Not really, well here goes anyway...

Well, that's my attempt at humour,, now for some serious stuff..

For the past 12 years, for as long as I have been using DSLR's, I've had a trusty Lowepro Nova 5 AW carry bag, which served me extremely well, still does.. No tears, no worn out zips, no frayed edges etc, it served me well. It's just a little more 'round' now as opposed to the squarer shape it was when I first bought it, and that's because I've packed as much as I could into it over the years but enough is enough. I had a think over the past few weeks and it dawned on me that of all the money I have put into photography over the years, I totally skimped on one important area - a decent bag, or in this case, a backpack - big enough to comfortably carry most of what I need on a good outing, and one that doesn't try to wrench my shoulder/neck muscles off my tiring old bones altogether, each time I lug it all around. I did the usual thing and looked for reviews and write-ups and found plenty of them and after about 2 weeks of procrastinating, I went into town and bought it.

Well, out it came from the Nova 5 shoulder bag, and into the Flipside BP450 it all went, with ease and plenty of room for more, lots more. The only pain in the aperture that I experienced was getting those wretched velcro'd partitions off then on, maybe a hundred times or more until I finally got it all to come together just how I wanted it. Lowepro provide you with so many partitions,, I have many spares. It's a little heavier now (only to be expected with all the extras now in it) but those well proportioned and placed shoulder and waist straps really spread the load and soak it right up into one very comfortable ride. Main camera, lenses, 3 flashes, on-the-spot lens/sensor cleaning gear, spare batteries and their chargers and all the associated cables I'll ever need along with all my manuals (did I miss anything here..??). And, that's only the bottom camera compartment. I still have 2 or 3 others if I want laptop or tablet etc and anything else I care to throw in, but then again I don't want to actually tare thos muscles right of the bones now - do I..?? I can see why quite a few owners are happy enough with this backpack, it's well made, well thought out once all those straps and buckles are set up (which can kind of be a mission all of its own), it fits like a silk glove . Would I recommend it.?? Well that depends on what you want in a carrying bag/pack, doesn't it.? I certainly would never NOT recommend it..!! I'm happy - money well spent...

Well, that's my attempt to liven up this forum. Probably didn't, but what the heck, I gave it a shot...
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Slight update on the above,,
In the past few weeks I have used this pack and overall it is just great,, it's everything that the "reviewers" on the internet (YouTube or http) say it is - quite a well designed and made pack. The only ONE thing I have to get concerned about is the flip side compartment zips/zippers - on the compartment where you actually put your camera. There is one zipper for each side and each side comes to an end slightly before the end of the fabric flip lid pivoting point itself and that flip lid is quite well padded which makes it quite rigid, not totally rigid,, just quite rigid. When you pull the zippers down to each end then try to lift the fabric lid, the zips come under some tension against the actual zippers as they pull against each other and I can see that doing this too many times maybe over the course of a year or two, or even less, could weaken and maybe even tear away from the zipper or it could maybe loose a zip tooth or two.. One possible way to 'almost' get around this would be to use each zipper alternatively to pull all the way around the full length of the zip, instead of having them both meet in the top middle, eg, one for each side. This might spread the load on each side over a longer period of time,, or it might actually exaggerate the problem, making it worse. The top middle position too, may be a way to let water sneak in between each zipper in bad weather so zipping all the way around might be better in this respect too.. Fingers crossed...!!!

I am hoping that the Lowepro quality (or whoever actually makes these packs) steps in here and doesn't let this happen.. Apart from this, I am more than happy with the Flipside Trek BP450 AW...


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Hey mate, here are some of the references which may be helpful for you

My brother is using vanguardworld and he seems quite happy with the product. If you need a detailed review, please let me know and I will ask him to put it across over here.
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Cheers John,
There's lots of good gear out there to be bought, that's for real, but I am glad I bought the BP450 because it can carry all I need and still has plenty of space left over for more - not that I want to full it right up. The biggest decision I have to make now is, what do I take with me each time. I love the way the straps and fittings wrap around me and spread that load. It's quite well thought out. A 12 year old kid could probably lug more around than I can but we can't stay young and fit forever, can we..!!

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