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Default Lowpro / Case Logic Users Please help me decide on a bag

Hello All,

I recently picked up the Nikon D3100 18-55 VR kit and also purchased the 55-200mm VR lens. I have been trying to find a bag / sling that I would like and would be able to grow with (another lens, extra battery, flash, cords, etc).

I picked up the Lowpro Slingshot 200 AW from a retailer to try it out, but it was too big for my needs. Yes it has room to grow, but it just didn’t seem practical after trying it out.

I’ve decided to go back to the regular bag and am looking at the Lowpro Nova 180 or the Case Logic 203. I checked out the 203 at the store and it looks nice, sturdy and has ample space to grow. They didn’t have the Nova 180 in store, but did have the 160. I’m guessing the 180 is about the size of the 203. I can’t decide which one I should purchase.

Here’s my breakdown for each bag, feel free to add your comments.

CL 203:
- Looks like a nice large, study bag, I like how it has room for extra lenses on the side, but then I don’t know how protected the lenses would be since they are on the outside of the bag.
- Has the cool hammock thing to suspend camera and lens.
- May be more convenient to access lenses, etc. since there are two large pockets on each side of the bag.
- Has a nice soft plastic base to help the bag stand and resist water, dirt, etc.
- Does not have all weather cover like the LP bags do.

LP 180:

- Like how everything is inside the bag, not like the 203 with two side compartments. Everything seems to be protected inside the bag.
- Has all weather wrap

Maybe I’m over thinking all of this stuff, maybe I should just purchase a bag and start using it. Maybe the CS 202 or LP 170 would be plenty big enough for my needs for the time being, then I can buy another larger bag when I need it.

Please help me decide, thanks in advance!!!

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From experience with the LP Nova 170, it is a great bag but we have outgrown it already. The advertising says it will hold a DSLR with zoom lens attached plus another lens, flash etc but that would be pretty squeezy as you have to have room for the hood. Not having experience with Case Logic as we don't seem to have it here in Oz, I would suggest you look seriously at the 180 (not the 170) and maybe take your gear along to ensure it fits. Hope this helps a little.
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I use the Caselogic 205 sling. While it may be too big for your needs, I like it because it completely frees my hands. It also has straps to attach a tripod. It's also on sale on Amazon!
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Have you checked out any of the bags from Mrock.
Excellent quality. And they have a pretty good sale going on. On thier site right now.

Pretty hard to beat for the price.
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Also have a look at the Ape Case bags. I've just bought two of them.
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Any camera bag will shrink with time, usually very quickly because we keep throwing more gear in them so it's probably better to get a bag that's too big at present than one that just fits or even is too small!

I had used a shoulder bag with a hip belt (Lowepro Compact) but it caused too much stress on my hips. I looked around and was concerned when I found the sling bags placed all the weight on one shoulder (Lowepro Slingshot) so I settled for a knapsack style (Lowepro Micro Trekker 200) with a hip belt to use for field trips where I only bring a selection of gear. I still use the Lowepro Compact for indoor shoots where I can put the bag on the floor or in a secure location when shooting. I use a Lowepro Commercial to keep the all cameras, lenses and flashes organized and easy to grab if the house catches fire!
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