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Default Portable Storage Unit

Here is some information on getting a Vosonic Xís portable storage for 200.00 US dollars.

Ok here is the whole scope:

The unit is a Vosonic Xís Drive II model 2060 (Donít buy the older model it only supports USB1.0)

You can find info on Vosonic Xís Drive II at http://www.vosonic.co.uk/index.htm

And now the good stuff.

I purchase the Unit for 99.00 US without a hard drive from http://www.mydigitaldiscount.com, I spoke with Scott and I am sure he will be more than willing to help if you have any question about this unit.

You can buy a unit directly from them with a 20G drive for 199.00US, which is great price, however I got the one with out a drive, then after I got it I purchase a 2.5Ē 30 GB 9.5mm drive, just be sure that is 9.5mm and 2.5 (yes the ones for Thinkpadís).

Before I found digital discount, I try to buy one directly from Vosonic, but this folks have some sort of attitude problem because first they direct me to a dealer which out saying which one, and then also say that it was impossible to buy the unit with out hard drive. (This force me to look for a less expensive unit someplace or the same US dealer- which I am glad I did).

Then when I told them about the little problem I had with the hard drive (See below), they reply with a very unfriendly e-mail ďImplying - donít contact us we donít have time for you - contact your dealer if you have a problem with the unitĒ.

And I just wanted to be nice with them and tell them of the problem I had with the unit so they can make the unit better. So Ö. Them (continue reading to find out about the problem)

I also purchase the drive in Ebay, but I am sure you can buy them almost anywhere, or for less work just get the 20G drive unit, still 20G is tons of storage.

After I got the drive I install it and I formatted with Windows XP as a FAT32 and that was it. Now a word of caution donít get a larger than 30GB drive, you will need to formatted as FAT32 so nothing larger than 32GB is supported. (A 30GB drive will yield a little less than that). If you are using a Mac to format the drive be sure that the Mac is X 1.01 or above, otherwise the FAT drive will not be compatible with Windows. (You can also use this drive to share data or store data if you want- Really it is cool unit)

Also a small engineer change I had to make to the unit, but only because the drive I bought didnít contain a protective aluminum case that protects the electronic side of the drive. The problem lies that a 9.5mm drives fitís very tight (which is great) and the cover gives something, that causes a piece of plastic that holds the battery in place, to pressure the drive where the engine is - causing the engine to drag, so place the drive first with out closing the case, have it running and format it, then screw the driver in place put the cover and check to see if you hear the engine dragging, if that is the case, then remove the drive from the case, remove 4 screws that hold the battery compartment and with some snipers or a nail clipper trim out about 2mm of the battery stopper, so the battery stopper would not protrude and pressure the hard drive when is in place of the top of the case gives.

It only takes 3 minutes to do it, but do it carefully to avoid breaking the battery holding case.

Note: Donít forget to charge the battery for al least 8hrs before using the unit.

At this point I donít have any information on the yield of the battery, but the manual says that it will last 1.5hrs, which is great considering that only takes a few moments to copy card pictures to the hard drive, once you get home or have access to a computer, then you will have also access for power so you can plug and charge the unit and copy and work with your pictures.

The unit creates a folder for each time you press copy, it creates folder for each of the memory card slots, and sequence the pictures.

It is real simple to use and very light so that would not be a problem to carry around on your bag, or you can leave it on your hotel room/safe o use a night on your day trip vacation, also I believe, they have a car battery charger, so here you go, very nice build unit and inexpensive.

So that is it. I hope this info helps.
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