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Default portraits with a tripod

I've been doing some portraits lately and have decided I would get much better results with a tripod. The only thing is, I would like the pics to be in horizontal orientation. Is there a way to use a tripod to capture pics like this? Any info would be appreciated.
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The head on my tripod can be set to vertical or horizonal. I think this proably true with the majority of tripods.
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I've got two tripods - both have a rotating head (not sure if this is the right terminology).
If you have a tripod - look at it carefully - the way the head flips 90 degrees may not be obvious. If you don't have a tripod (or are sure after inspection yours doesn't rotate up) and are heading out to buy one - just make sure the head can rotate.
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As other people have mentioned, on most tripods you can mount the camera vertically. Be sure to try out whether your camera (plus flash if used) is stable in such a sitatuion. When I upgraded my tripod (to the Promaster 6300) it was one of the things I checked, since my camera is somewhat heavy, and my previous tripod ($19 Walmart special) would fall over if I used the camera that way without bracing the tripod (kind of misses the point of a tripod).

You can get a Stroboframe, Newton, or Custom flash bracket that flips the camera, which would allow the use of the camera on the tripod and having the flash lined up over the lens in either orientation. Note for mounting a flash bracket on a tripod, you want the more expensive ones that flip the camera, and not the flash. Using a bracket like this is likely to be more stable, since the weight is distributed over the center of the tripod, instead of on the side.
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