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Hello, I want to buy a 52mm Skylight 1A filter for my Powershot S1 IS, I like the warm touch of it (as far as I've seen) and it will also protect my lens. I have some questions about the usage.

Let's assume I've fixed a white point with a white paper or something, without the filter. I take a shot (photo 01), and then I put the skylight filter. I don't change the white balance and I take another frame (photo 02). Voil*, there's a photo taken with Skylight 1A (I also think that case is similar to ones where I use a predefined white balance mode, like cloudy day or sunny day).

This time, I put the white balance to auto mode. I take a shot (this photo is called 03 and is supposed to be the same compared to photo 01). Then I put the filter, the white balance is still on auto. I take another shot (photo 04). Should I see a difference between two auto white-balanced photos 03 and 04? If yes, I think 01=03=04 *02

OR, can we say, the light passing through the filter is different and the auto white balance tries to fix a white point but, as the light is somehow processed by the filter, the intensity of colors is now different. Then is the picture 04 is different from the 01? (The four photos are under same light conditions). And it gives us 01=03 *04 *02

I can take some pictures to see it when my filter and lens adapter come but I don't have them yet. I just wanted to think and hear about it from you.
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If you do the manual white balance and then add the filter you are obviously going to get the effect of the filter on the image.

If you shoot with and without the filter in auto WB the camera is going to try to make the images the same so there would be no effect. I think different cameras would have different degrees of success at doing that. Your tests will tell you how successful your camera is.

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As you said, with manual balance, there is no doubt with the process. I was obscure with the automatic balance, I was wondering how the camera would react after I put the filter.

I had my lens adapter and filters this morning (never knew it could be so fast) and I'll try today.
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