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Default Step up rings - Affect image?

Hi I was looking to buy some lenses with a max size of 77mm and a couple a bit smaller. Now I was wondering if I would save any money by buying a 77mm polarizing filter and step up rings for my smaller lenses to fit the 77mm filter. When not using the polarizing filter I would keep cheaper UV filters on them for protection at their respective sizes. I figure I'll need maybe one more additional 77mm lens cap too but that probably wouldn't be too much more, especially since I'll probably only have 2 lenses for awhile, and within a few years be up to 4.

My biggest concern is if the images will be affected by using step up rings. If anyone has experience with bad images from stepup rings then I probably won't go through with this because I'd rather keep my image quality than save a couple bucks.
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Some combinations of wide angle lenses and step up rings can cause vignetting, but usually only at the widest angle. Thin rings can reduce any problems.
If you are using full frame capable lenses on a crop body, you will not likely see any problems at all. The setup you are talking about makes good sense.

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Cool, I'll be using a rebel xt so this should work out for me then. Thanks!
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I use step up rings all the time with a 77 mm polarizer. At least one lens I've used this with is a modern lens for the smaller sensor and haven't had any trouble with vignetting. My really wide angle lens (wider than the kit lens) is also 77 mm so I don't know if it would be different with something really wide and using step up rings. My rings are inexpensive ones from B&H by the way, nothing special. This polarizer is the only filter I use on a regular basis, by the way.

The only thing that I found somewhat annoying is that you can't use the lens's hood or cap because of the extra size. I probably should buy another 77 mm lens cap and use that when I don't want to dis-assemble everything while hiking, for instance.
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