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Default Is there a perfect bag for me?

I posted on here recently about considering selling my DSLR because I hadn't used it in a long time and found it awkward and cumbersome to take around with me.

At the advice of a friend I went out and USED the DSLR again and thought really hard about what it is that was really bothering me... then I realized, THE BAG.

Once I was out using my camera again I realized why I got one in the first place and I did really enjoy it, but what I didn't enjoy was my bag... why didn't I realize this before?

I have a Crumpler Muffin Top 7500. When I got it, it was on the advice of a friend who had one like it and loved it. While using it I have found a few things that annoy me. Firstly, I carry a fair bit of stuff with me. Not equipment but often if I am out I will bring a bottle of water, snacks, my wallet, my mobile etc etc and it all adds up. The Muffin Top is a messenger style bag and holy crap, it really kills the shoulder the strap lays on.

I also am highly annoyed with how it bumps against my hip as I walk. Every step it swings and bounces and it drives me up the wall. It also bugs me that while it closes with velcro, I have to always do the clip or it swings and bangs against the bag giving me walking sound effects as I move haha

I don't know, the more I think about it the more I'm just not a fan of this bag.

SO, I'm looking for a new bag. In it, I will be carrying a Sony A300 with the 2 kit lenses that came with it... plus my personal bits and bobs.

I need a bag that is a decent size, easy to get my camera in and out of but most importantly, that has BAG space as well. I don't have a ton of camera equipment so I don't need tons and tons of slots. What I do need is a place to put a sweater if it gets warm and I want to take it off, or a hat and scarf in the winter, some snacks etc.

I'm finding that a lot of the bags I look at have a LOT of space for camera gear but then very limited space for 'stuff'. I don't want a huge bag, but something comfortable and manageable when in crowds as I live in the Netherlands and space can be limited!

Any advice on a bag that may suit my needs?

P.S. I'd like to keep it under 100 euro (if possible) but open to any suggestions just in case!

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I have several bags, and am now thinking of going to a harness system or vest. So I don't think that there is a best system.

Having said that, I prefer a sling type bag over either a messenger or shoulder bag because it rests on the back like a backpack, but is still easy to access. I like the Lowepro Slingshot 200 that I have because the strap is wider and better padded than many of them, but it can only be worn over the right shoulder.

I had liked the idea of using a regular smallish daypack with hydration pack for non-photo stuff, then a fanny pack for the camera and a couple of lenses (not the kitchen sink type of thing). For someone who is taller than I am, this might be a good solution, but I'm not big enough for even a small women's pack to clear the fanny pack.

Recently we went to the Grand Canyon, and rather than constantly getting the bag out every time we stopped to take pictures, I put the three lenses I was using the most in my coat pockets and loved the freedom of not having the bag. So now I'm going to start seriously looking at a harness or vest system, perhaps I could add a small hydration pack also.
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I love my http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16830994764 backpack and it has a great padded waist belt that helps me when I have to make long hikes in the airport. The backpack is also large enough I can put a bottle of eater or soda in their as well as my camera gear and other stuff I need when I travel or go out of town for a photo shot. e Before this I had 2 different sized lowepro nova AW shoulder bags that were really comfortable to wear over the shoulder or across the chest......... But for comfort the backpack wins.... although you do have to put it doen in order to get to your gear.

Also depending on how you travel and shoot you could always get a black rapid strap for the camera and sttach the lense you most often use and just use one lens and then carry an extra battery and memory card wallet in your jacket pocket or a fanny pack (some of the camping stores sell some good fanny packs)

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Also depending on how your load a vest according to a local sports shooter I know it can get heavy and lenses can press against your ribs and you can be sore if you wear it all day long. He shoots 6 to 7 hours every Saturday using a vest and does 2 to 3 hrs of sports at night and saves it does get heavy if you have lenses in it He tries not to have to carry any lenses in the vest (just filter, batteries, memory cards, loupe and lens cleaning cloth. For him the lenses stay n the backpack.

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