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OldNick Apr 26, 2009 1:14 AM

I use a Fujji S100FS

I have bought a JJC WS Series "100M' wireless remote from ebay. It cost me Aud$38. Probably about US$25?

The 100m part looked good, until the tiny battery started to drop volts a bit. Then it really takes a dive.....however....

It functions OK (although one of the switch positions seems to have no use and the description does not help :) )....however ....:G

There is one problem. When using the remote, if I push the shutter button, there is perhaps a half second delay before anything happens at the camera end. This is not focus delay. I have set the camera to manual focus and there is still a delay. If I have AF set on, I get double delay: 1/2 second for any activity, then another delay while the focus goes.

has anyone else used one of these? Do they get the delay? Are there better wireless remotes that do not have the delay?

Thanks for any input.


VTphotog Apr 27, 2009 12:53 AM

Not sure about your camera, but many havea separate menu item for delay when using remotes. Have you checked for this in your camera's manual?


OldNick Apr 27, 2009 2:16 AM

Thanks for the reply.

No. Nothing. It mentions the standard (wired) remote, but not wireless.

I think this delay is not within the camera's control, unless it can tell the future :)

If I use the remote in the wired mode (the receiver also has a shutter release, there is no delay. So the camera cannot control this, because the receiver is not even trying to do anything. It seems to have to "lock in" with the transmitter before it takes any action.


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