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Helsinki 16th July, 2005

On 11th of July I sent an order to the College Cameras Ltd to get the new Zigview with Minolta adapter ( 7D and Dynax 9Ti ). I got the affirmation very soon . and the money went from my VISA just as fast.
I had noticed in the digicam pages that the Zigview is available to a KM camera, too.
Then I sat down to wait for the thing that I expected to ease my joints and muscles - I hava had the Lyme neuroborrelisos over 17 years, so taking low angle pictures is really hard with an DSLR - my non-DSLRs with a rotating LCD´s have not this low view problem.
After waiting for almost 3 weeks I finally got a parcel. I opened it and realized that there was a strangge-looking adapter, I also noticed that though I got a screwdriver I got no screws that are quite necessary,
I called the College Cameras telling some boss about my adapter problem. He promised to check the situation and call me back in an hour. That call never came. I mailed several times but got no reply! Finally I called the manufactured. A man was very surprised and said to fix my problem. Many days passed. I mailed them, too. Last week I still had not got the tiny plastic adapter piece, without which the Zigview was useless. Another call...
Well, two days ago the right adaoter finally came! Hallelujah.
Now I finally got to work.
Some early observations: the Zigview has many setting possibilities through a menu. You have to learn it and try different values on it. In good lightning the LCD is rather satisfactory, inside it is nearly useless. The LCD has a longish "tail" that spoils the otherwise nice functionality. But: it does work without laying low to take macros.
A very nice Number One it is, but the College Cameras´s behaviour was absolutely miserable. Why advertise something you cannot provide? Why sen a very wrong kinde of parcel despite a very clear order? And do they leave other customers unnoticed the same way than me? This has never ever happened earlier when I bought articles via Net.

Ilkka Vartiovaara, M.D.
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