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Default Mini-Table-Top Macro Setup

Greetings ...

I'm looking to set up a small, no-frills, table-top macro "studio" that can be easily set up and kocked down. I have a Canon D-60 with EOS 100mm macro lens.

For lighting I'm thinking of two free-standing, small-footprint, mini hi-intensity lights that I can move around at will. Brand names ... models #s ...availability?

Of ancillary interest is a small (10-12") circular rotatable "table" on which to mount my subjects. Again ... brand names ... model #s ... availability?

Everything here is spelled small-scale in a space-conscious environment.

Suggestions? Many thanks,

M i k e
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Hi Shamrock. I'm not sure what you are planning on photographing on your table top. The method described in this link has been doing the rounds of jewellery sellers on ebay for some time. Its simple & it works well.


HTH Susie

CP5700 etc, etc
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Hi S...
I use one of those contraptions electronics workers use to hold circuitry together; it has a metal base for weight, and three adjustable aligator clips. It tiny (about 4"X4") and weighs nothing. It holds most items very well, and the main benefit of it is that you can move the subject to and from the camera, which makes it more precise in movement than moving the camera on the tripod.
I assume you can get it in any electronics supply store.
Hope it helps, a bit.
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