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When I was selling electronic equipment, we got bonuses for selling extended warranties. Why? Because they're pure profit for the retailer. The liklihood of a customer actuallymaking a claim foranything beyond the manufacturer's warranty is so slim with electronics. Failures due to manufacture defects will normally occur within the first year of ownership. Most operator induced defects are not covered. Read the legal jargon carefully before you buy and know exactly what your coverage includes. Personally, I never buy extended warranties...but to each their own.
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I am a believer in extended warranties for digital cameras. My first digicam was a sony dc s70 with no extended warranty. After the first year mfg warranty and in it's 2nd year it needed repair. Fortunately there is a sony repair facility here in Hawaii though on another island. It cost over $100 out of pocket. They replaced 2 circuit panels and the 4 way rocker switch. And took a total of 4 weeks. I returned it dissatisfied and they rectified it with no additional charge and returned it in 1 week so I give them low marks at first and high marks on the 2nd chance.

The second camera was a Nikon coolpix 5700 from B&H and for around $50 or so I got the Mack Camera extended warranty. Almost exactly 1 year + a week or so the flash quit working and the rubber grip was coming off and then thezoom started getting sticky after about 1 yr and 2 months and I got the dreaded "lens error" message. So off it went. It took about 3 weeks to repair (Hawaii to NYC) and would have cost well over the $50+. I will say that the reglue of the rubber grip wasn't done all that well, but I can fix that. Otherwise I was happy and you can track the progress of your repair on their website. They update it every step of the way from received, in line, waiting for parts, shipping etc)

I just bought Nikon D-70 and for $89 ( for an over $1000 camera) I got the extended Mack warranty which adds (Ithink) 3 years on top of the mfg 1 yr warranty.

Now I use my cameras almost every day in a semi pro fashionand they receive heavy though careful use. I ran around 18,000 frames in 14 months on the 5700. And I wipe and dust it down after being out on a windy day etc. So I believe that parts will wear out and fail with this kind of use. If you are an average shooter like only on B-days, weekends, vacations, etc then you won't get the kind of wear I do.

ONE WORD OF WARNING I LEARNED THE HARD WAY...... Back up -Back up- Back up. I have a Maxtor 200 gb external hard drive where I dump my pics and have a folder named "temp CD projects". I usually burn a cd of most of my stuff, but got a little behind.....like ?? 5-8 Gb ONLY IN THE FOLDER ON THE MAXTOR and the drive lost it's file directory after only 4-5 months and 36 Gb of data is GONE!! I am having a data recovery team do their best, but after 2 weeks on the bench, they have only been able to retrieve 12 Gb. Data recovery can cost hundreds or thousands of $, I checked. I went with a local (Hawaii) company in Honolulu called Super Geeks and for $129 plus the cost of dvd burning at +-$5 ea, they are really earning their $ and are attempting aRE recovery as they aren't satisfied with only 12 Gb!!!. (Thanks Debbie, "May your eyeglasses never need repair!!!") I also lost 15 years worth of film negatives in 1980 so I've been around the block. Good Luck Jock on the Rock
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I have had expirience with extended warranties from several companies, and yes for the most part thye arent gonna cover dropping and other types of damage. Ohenry is right that they are mostly profit for the company selling them.

If you check out.. i think the march or april this year pop photo, They have an excellent article on them.

As far as the Ritz plan goes, they do in fact cover all types of neglegence and abuse. Best Buy and Circuit City don't.

Hope that helps!
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